BWC 2018#807

Blender Weekend Challenge
Theme: Simplicity
Blender 2.8 Beta

Simplicity of worlds

The planets are build like spheres and our cells also, remembering the analogy of macrocosmos and microcosmos.

Here I wanted to explore procedural textures in Blender. I discovered that the node at the left create the big picture and the others to the left are in for the details.

Wanted also to explore the displacement shader, well need alot of hires and subdivisions. For the clouds I used metaballs with a volumetric shader. Lightning is made with one Env map.

BWC 2018#806

Blender Weekend Challenge
Theme: Dessert
Blender 2.8 Beta

I wanted to learn about camera mapping and explore different ways to color objects in the compositor.

I began with a rough sketch on paper of all the elements and the overall composition of the image. Then I sketched on paper every object separately, scanned them and made a collage in Gimp.


In Blender I roughly modeled them and projected every image on each object. Each shader is set to emission shader with a Light Path node ”Is Camera Ray” in case the scene would contain a shader other than emission. Depth of field in render and not as a post effect using depth map.

The file Open EXR Multilayer contains the different passes.
I used cryptomatic to get an alpha of each object and colored with a ramp. Mixed the composited image with a pass of ambient occlusion to get some thickness.

.blend file