Cyclical water pump


Started as a need to water my garden with water from a nearby lake, had some premises, the ideas took shape when I held the pen and just started sketching.

Water pump that works without electricity or other fuel.

An object moving and carrying some water with a delay. The water stream that hits the extremities. There is a mirror-like device. To these there are pistons connected which push up water upwards.


Utilizes the impact of water that hits an edge. In this case, the water has a cyclic spiral movement with marked edges at the ends where the impact force is recovered.


First, the wiping comes, water is put in motion, then the hit comes…

Condensing machine


Here is a machine to make drink water thru air condensation. Portable, autonomous, personal and without moving parts, build in long lasting materials. Several machines could for a chain of floating distilleries.

Drinking water

The water produced could be enriched with minerals from the sea breeze with a sort of mineral filter.


  • Autonomoius without mooving parts
  • Clearly understandable form->funktion so easily troubleshootable and servable
  • Easy to use, like emptying the water
  • Large air opening with many flics -> large
  • Create airflow with pression.


The heart of the machine is the air tube with its flanges heat exchanging with the colder sea water

Looping funnel

The first idea was that the air would loop and chill in the sea water then condensate. Sketches with Laval nozzle the create drag.

Straight through

Next design is a tube where the air goes straight thru with flanges rotated 45° to minimise drag and facilitate the water collecting.

House on wheels

The undercarriage


The cart should be prepared to screw on the floor. The floor beams and the bottom of the floor shall be built into the undercarriage. On the underside there should also be L-shaped iron to attach the vertical posts.


The wagon should have double axes sitting on a bogie but stable to a certain gradient, then it can bend to a certain level. The level should be as a logarithmic curve, here we have the form that controls the function. Advantages of two different solutions, dual axles can rest steadily when the wagon rests freely and is neutral on the dragon when the ground is flat, boggie can swallow oil roughness in the terrain and be relatively neutral on the dragon and the wagon remains in the wave. However, considering the distance between the wheels in the boogie, determine the size of the obstacle it can swallow. On a forest wagon they are made to roll over a stump.

Ability to adjust the platform in a wave. Any form of killing system that presses the bogie. Possibility to lift one wheel in the boogie pair when you need to turn. Possibility of moving the center of gravity on the trolley to distribute the weight correctly, moving the wheel pairs.


Think of any kind of suspension with a low center of gravity. Have thought that a shock need not be caught by a long suspension. You can divide the shock into different small parts, such as microscopes that have a frequency that matches the mass and gravity. The frequency may be quick first to ebb out.