BWC 2018#806

Blender Weekend Challenge
Theme: Dessert
Blender 2.8 Beta

I wanted to learn about camera mapping and explore different ways to color objects in the compositor.

I began with a rough sketch on paper of all the elements and the overall composition of the image. Then I sketched on paper every object separately, scanned them and made a collage in Gimp.


In Blender I roughly modeled them and projected every image on each object. Each shader is set to emission shader with a Light Path node ”Is Camera Ray” in case the scene would contain a shader other than emission. Depth of field in render and not as a post effect using depth map.

The file Open EXR Multilayer contains the different passes.
I used cryptomatic to get an alpha of each object and colored with a ramp. Mixed the composited image with a pass of ambient occlusion to get some thickness.

.blend file

Double bed

Double bed where I went from the ribbons we have. Have always had the idea that the pressure should be done in the middle of each foot, and in combination with sides that are “timber knotched”.

Otherwise, the usual thing when you look at a beds construction, there are two stable gables, which you tie together with high sides to take advantage of the leverage effect.

DoubleBed – Plan

Cyclical water pump


Started as a need to water my garden with water from a nearby lake, had some premises, the ideas took shape when I held the pen and just started sketching.

Water pump that works without electricity or other fuel.

An object moving and carrying some water with a delay. The water stream that hits the extremities. There is a mirror-like device. To these there are pistons connected which push up water upwards.


Utilizes the impact of water that hits an edge. In this case, the water has a cyclic spiral movement with marked edges at the ends where the impact force is recovered.


First, the wiping comes, water is put in motion, then the hit comes…

Condensing machine


Here is a machine to make drink water thru air condensation. Portable, autonomous, personal and without moving parts, build in long lasting materials. Several machines could for a chain of floating distilleries.

Drinking water

The water produced could be enriched with minerals from the sea breeze with a sort of mineral filter.


  • Autonomoius without mooving parts
  • Clearly understandable form->funktion so easily troubleshootable and servable
  • Easy to use, like emptying the water
  • Large air opening with many flics -> large
  • Create airflow with pression.


The heart of the machine is the air tube with its flanges heat exchanging with the colder sea water

Looping funnel

The first idea was that the air would loop and chill in the sea water then condensate. Sketches with Laval nozzle the create drag.

Straight through

Next design is a tube where the air goes straight thru with flanges rotated 45° to minimise drag and facilitate the water collecting.